Swemac CHS

Compression Hip Screw system

The Swemac CHS system consists of a Swemac Hip Plate used in combination with a Lag Screw and provides a user-friendly solution for surgeons facing hip fractures.

The Swemac CHS features a wide choice of slimlined anatomical hip plates and a unique lag screw designed to achieve optimal fixation in the femoral head. The development of the Swemac CHS was based on a desire to address the limitations of the traditional systems on the market. This, in combination with Swemac’s tradition since 1975 of creating innovative solutions for hip fractures, has led to the creation of a product that addresses even the smallest of details that matter to surgeons

Features and Benefits

  • Improved lag screw fixation
  • Slimlined anatomical hip plates
  • Lateral support plate
  • Innovative instrumentation


  • Femoral neck fractures
  • Basal neck fractures
  • Stable trochanteric hip fractures
  • Unstable trochanteric hip fractures
  • Subtrochanteric fractures

Resource library

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