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Swemac products

We develop and manufacture innovative solutions for fracture treatment and joint replacement and sell them across the globe.

Orthopaedic products in Scandinavia

As well as our own Swemac products we also distribute quality orthopaedic products from other companies across Scandinavia.

Medical imaging

Swemac Vision is the leading supplier of Samsung Healthcare X-ray equipment on the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian markets.

Orthopaedic simulation

Practice makes perfect! Use our unique orthopaedic simulators to improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs and improve patient safety.

Swemac products in Japan

For distribution of Swemac products in Japan, please contact Hansson Innovation.


We offer orthopaedic and image diagnostics training in our state-of-the-art facilities at Swemac Headquarters in Linköping.

The Swemac way

Swemac strives to continuously provide the market with innovative and practical solutions for fracture treatment, joint replacement and medical imaging.

We are focused on the development and commercialisation of technologies that help practitioners improve surgical outcomes on a daily basis. 

High performance, service, and an on-going dialogue with our customers are what defined Swemac forty years ago, and still define us today.

Practice makes perfect

We have extensive experience of providing orthopaedic and image diagnostics training at our state-of-the-art facility in Linköping, Sweden. Over the past decade, we have provided general orthopaedic training to over 1500 orthopaedic surgeons from all over the world. Our imaging diagnostics training has been developed to ensure that x-ray nurses, radiologists, medical engineers and hospital physicians have all the skills and experience they need. Please click below to see our latest courses.