Hansson Pinloc® 2

Hansson Pinloc® 2 is the second generation Hansson Pinloc implant; an innovative device for the treatment of femoral neck fractures.

The implant features three hook pins locked together by a plate and is an evolution of the long and successful experience with the Hansson Pin system. The Hansson Pinloc concept was developed to address the issue of fracture displacement after fixation and to reduce the risk of disruption to the femoral head blood supply.

By locking three hook pins and a plate into one dynamic unit, the pins are unable to rotate independently from one another as often occurs with isolated screws. In essence, the Hansson Pinloc 2 implant can recreate the stability of an unbroken hip. The clinical results are supportive and indicate that Hansson Pinloc 2 can reduce the occurrence of fracture healing complications.

Features and Benefits

Stability of an unbroken hip

  • Prevents angulation
  • Prevents rotation
  • Maintains compression

Minimal surgical trauma

  • Preserves the blood supply
  • Reduced risk of secondary fracture
  • Minimal invasive surgery


  • Femoral neck fractures in adults

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