About us

The Swemac Group

Swemac is a privately owned medical device company based in Linköping, Sweden. Although officially founded in 1985, our history dates back as far 1968.

The Swemac Group consists of a number of different companies with different business areas:

Swemac Innovation AB is the parent company and the only one that CE-marks medical devices. Swemac Innovation develops innovative solutions for fracture treatment and joint replacement and handles the sale of these products through a global network of distributors. We are represented in 30 markets internationally.

Swemac Orthopaedics AB (Sweden), Swemac Osmedic Aps (Denmark) and Swemac Orthopaedics AS (Norway) are responsible for distributing our own Swemac products and quality implants from other international partners across Scandinavia.

Swemac Vision AB is the distributor of Samsung Healthcare Digital Radiography products in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Swemac Simulation AB develops and promotes medical Virtual Reality (VR) simulators for Orthopaedic Trauma, Arthroscopy and Fluoroscopy.

Swemac Education AB: Offers orthopaedic training and image diagnostics training in our state-of-the art training facility at Swemac Headquarters in Linköping. This includes a cadaver lab (three operating rooms) and a fully equipped Samsung lab.

Hansson Innovation Ltd. Co. is our Japanese subsidiary responsible for distributing Swemac own products across Japan. They are based out of an office in Tokyo.


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Swemac has grown within a unique and highly innovative environment where attention to quality has always been central to our development and production. This strong Passion for innovation remains a core characteristic and guiding compass.

The History of Swemac

1968 Saab Aircraft starts a new business area called Medical Technology
1975 The Hansson Pin System was designed by late Prof Lars Ingvar Hansson for the treatment of slipped capital femoral epiphyses in children
1983 The Hansson Pin System was introduced for femoral neck fractures
1985 Saab constitutes Swemac Ltd
1991 Henrik Hansson begins working at Swemac
1997 The Hansson family buys the Swemac medical implant division
2003 Swemac is established in Denmark
2004 Swemac is established in Norway
2009 Swemac Vision is established
2011 Swemac Orthopaedics and Osmedic merge in Denmark
2013 Swemac Simulation is established in Sweden
2014 Swemac establishes branch office in Japan
2017 Swemac head office moved to new building
2019 Hansson Innovation Ltd. Co. is established in Japan

Prof. Lars Ingvar Hansson

Swemac develops and promotes innovative solutions for fracture treatment, joint replacement and medical imaging. We create outstanding value for our clients and their patients by being a competent and reliable partner.

– Swemac Mission statement –