Motec® Wrist Joint Arthrodesis System

The Motec Wrist Arthrodesis System has been developed to enable easy conversion of the Motec® Wrist Joint Prosthesis to a total wrist arthrodesis.

The Motec Wrist Arthrodesis System provides salvage options that limit unnecessary implant removal by taking advantage of pre-existing stable and osseointegrated implants from the Motec Wrist Joint Prosthesis. This preserves the bone available for arthrodesis by minimising bone loss which would otherwise occur during removal of well-fixed implants. The intramedullary system has been developed to reduce soft tissue irritation from hardware and the associated need for secondary implant removal.

The Motec Wrist Arthrodesis System provides different options depending on the patient and implant situation. The physician’s education, training and professional judgement must be relied upon to choose the most appropriate device and treatment. Please note that the implants are only for initial fixation. The bone fusion provides long term stability of the wrist.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fully compatible salvage procedure.
  • Minimizes the need for unnecessary implant removal procedures.
  • Minimally invasive.
  • The Double Taper is available in two models; Straight Double Taper and Angled Double Taper 15°. Each model is available in four sizes.
  • The Metacarpal Nail is available in two lengths with three different diameters each.
  • The angle of the Metacarpal Nail can be set at 0°, 15° or 30° in extension (or 0°, 15° or 30° in flexion).
  • The Radius Connector is available in two sizes.
  • Adjustable rotation angle.


  • Conversion from Motec Wrist Prosthesis System

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