Innovative solutions, minimal surgical trauma, and a stable secure fixation are our guiding stars in developing our products to help patients regain their independence faster.

Our hand and wrist solutions offer a broad line of innovative products for fracture fixation, osteotomies and joint replacement— from anatomic precontured plates to light-weight external fixation devices and unique joint replacement solutions.

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hansson pin

Hansson Pin

The Hansson Pin system has been designed to minimize surgical trauma to the patient and offer secure, stable fixation with reduced risk of healing complications for femoral neck fractures.

Swemac THF Twin Hook

Hansson Twin Hook

The Hansson Twin Hook Hip Fracture System is a well proven concept for the treatment of trochanteric hip fractures. The development is based on the long and successful experience with the Hansson Pin System®.

motec wrist

Motec Wrist

The Motec Wrist Joint Prosthesis has been designed specifically for high demand patients, with the objective to provide a strong, stable, mobile and pain free wrist while minimizing the risk of luxation, loosening and osteolysis..

hansson Pinloc

Hansson Pinloc

The Hansson Pinloc System is an evolution of the Hansson Pin System. It has been developed to overcome the problem of fracture displacement after internal fixation and still maintain the same features.


Medoff Sliding Plate

The Medoff Sliding Plate is a well-proven concept in the treatment of unstable trochanteric and subtrochanteric fractures of the hip.


Euloc Fixation system

The Euloc is a simple, minimal invasive system for the treatment of displaced radius and ulna fractures with moderate degree of comminution.

dynaloc solid

Dynaloc Solid

The Dynaloc Femoral Neck Fracture System is a new concept in the treatment of femoral neck fractures. It has been designed to overcome the problem of fracture displacement after internal fixation.


Swemac CHS

The Swemac Compression Hip Screw System provides a simple and easy-to-use solution for all surgeons facing hip fractures.


Doxpal Retractor

The Doxpal is a product made by surgeons for surgeons.Doxpal is self-retaining single-use retractors making surgical access easy. The plastic is radiolucent and does not obstruct the surgeon’s view of the bone.