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Arthrovision medical simulator

Arthroscopy is a very common orthopedic procedure, yet it remains challenging from technical and psychomotor perspectives. In order to perform arthroscopy safely and efficiently, surgeons must become familiar with basic arthroscopy tools and equipment.

If you never learn how to hold and use your medical tools and instruments properly, it is unlikely that you will develop excellent performance. And once learned the wrong way, it is extremely hard to fix.

The answer is ArthroVision, a medical virtual reality simulator designed to teach basic arthroscopy skills.

An arthroscopy virtual simulator

ArthroVision is a virtual reality simulator designed to teach basic arthroscopy skills. It is designed as an arthroscopy box trainer and includes haptic with force feedback in order to enhance the experience and training environment to the operator. Each training module offer different options such as different severity and the system measures numerous parameters.

The learning curve may be designed in which the operator starts with simple tasks and finish with more difficult tasks.

ArthroVision is preferably used to train residents and junior surgeons in basic skill of arthroscopy prior to more advanced surgical skills.

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