Euloc® Fixation System

The Euloc® Fixation System is a straightforward, minimally invasive system for the treatment of displaced wrist fractures with moderate comminution.

The basic principle is that of modified intra focal Kapandji pinning i.e. the distal fragment is supported by nails inserted through the fracture line and into the proximal part of the Radius. The original method has been modified and improved with the Euloc Fixation System as follows:

  • Nails are pre shaped to fit the natural shape of the bone
  • Nails are inserted into the medullary canal of the proximal part of the Radius
  • Screw fixation through double eyelets in both the distal fragment and the Radius bone

Features and Benefits

  • Self-reducing concept
  • Stable 90° fracture fixation
  • Less risk of tendon ruptures
  • Minimally invasive surgery with low profile implants
  • Complement to other implants or as a single-use reduction tool
  • Easy and fast removal procedure


  • Dorsally displaced bending fractures on the distal part of the radial bone.
  • Dorsally/radially displaced bending fractures with or without dorsal comminution on the distal part of the radial bone.
  • Displaced distal ulna fractures.

The Euloc Fixation System can also be used in combination with a volar plate or external fixation for the following indications:

  • Instability of the volar cortex.
    • Volar displacement
    • Volar cortical bone comminution.
    • Severe shortening
  • Intra articular comminution (displaced).

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