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Swemac Hip plates are compatible with the Hansson Twin Hook.


The Swemac Compression Hip Screw System provides a simple and easy-to-use solution for all surgeons facing hip fractures. Offering a wide choice of hip plates combined with a unique lag screw and innovative instrumentation. Implants are available sterile packaged for immediate use. All implants are made from stainless steel 316 LVM.

The Swemac Hip Plates have a smoothly curved outer profile and still maintain an extra ordinary mechanical strength. The hip plates are available with plate/barrel angles 130°, 135° and 140° and in 2 to 16 holes. The most  proximal hole in the hip plate will allow the use of a 6.5 mm selftapping cancellous bone screw.

All plates have tracks for the Lateral Support Plate.

Indications for the Swemac CHS

  • Femoral neck fractures
  • Stable trochanteric hip fractures.
  • Unstable trochanteric hip fractures.

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