The Motec Wrist Joint Arthrodesis has been developed as a part of the Motec Wrist Prosthesis family to enable easy conversion of the prosthesis to a total wrist fusion, if the need should arise.

The Motec Wrist Arthrodesis implant is intended to be used as a salvage procedure for the Motec Wrist System, using the pre-existing prosthesis implants. Removal of bone during primary procedures, bony erosion, and bone loss during implant extraction will otherwise decrease the bone stock that is available for arthrodesis.

The intramedullary Motec Wrist Arthrodesis System has been developed to overcome the problem of soft tissue irritation in wrist fusions and thereby minimize the need for unnecessary implant removal

Features and benefits

  • Fully compatible salvage procedure.
  • Minimizes the need for unnecessary implant removal procedures.
  • Minimally invasive, only a 4-6 cm incision.
  • No tension on soft tissue during surgery.
  • Adjustable rotation angle
  • Rigid fixation.
  • Manufactured from blasted Ti6Al4V to optimize osseointegration.
  • Small to extra large space between the Radius Threaded Implant and the Metacarpal Threaded Implant.
  • The Straight Double Taper is available in four sizes; Short, Medium, Long and Extra Long.


Conversion from a Motec Wrist Prosthesis.


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