Euloc Fixation System from Swemac

Euloc® is a simple and minimally invasive system for treatment of displaced radius and ulna fractures with a moderate degree of comminution.

The basic principle is that of intrafocal (Kapandji) pinning where the distal fragment is supported by pins which are inserted through the fracture line into the proximal fragment of the radius. Insertion is facilitated by pre-shaped pins to fit the natural shape of the bone. Stability is improved by screw fixation in double eyelets.


  • Dorsally displaced bending fractures
  • Dorsally/radially displaced bending fractures with or without dorsal comminution
  • Dorsally displaced bending fractures with undisplaced intra-articular fragment
  • Displaced distal ulna fractures

Additional fixation is required in cases where there is instability of the volar cortex (volar displacement or volar cortex comminution), severe shortening or intra-articular comminution (displaced).

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