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We like to think about ourselves as the doctor´s pal - Doxpal. We strive to make surgeons everyday work a little easier. The Doxpal is a product made by surgeons for surgeons. Doxpal is a range of radiolucent, self-retaining, single-use retractors which make surgical access easy.

Easy to use and reposition
Doxpal retractors are easy to use and easy to reposition due to the elastic properties of the plastic. There are no locking devices to attach or remove.

There is no need to remove the Doxpal retractor during image intensification.The plastic is radiolucent and does not obstruct the surgeon’s view of the bone. The Doxpal appears as a faint shadow on the monitor.

Reduced radiation exposure
When using a metal retractor under image intensification, the dose rate (the air kerma rate) will typically increase by about 15%. This increase is approximately 2.5 times higher than the corresponding increase when using a Doxpal retractor.

Doxpal retractors self-adjust the tension against the tissue. The operation nurse does not have to assist the surgeon with adjustment of the retractor.

Low risk of falling out
The weight of a Doxpal retractor is only 10% of the weight of a metal retractor, which minimizes the risk of the retractor falling out or sagging during surgery.

Limited tissue pressure
Doxpal retractors will never apply more tissue pressure than that needed to squeeze it
together. This feedback makes the Doxpal predictable to the surgeon, which minimizes tissue damages.

Always available
Doxpal single-use retractors are delivered sterile, ready for immediate use.


Doxpal models

  • Doxpal Micro

    Doxpal Micro

    Suitable for minor surgeries such as disal incisions on hand and foot.
  • Doxpal Single

    Doxpal Single

    Suitable for minor surgeries.
  • Doxpal Double

    Doxpal Double

    Suitable for mid-size surgeries such as wrist, arm, elbow, clavicle and lower limb.
  • Doxpal Triple

    Doxpal Triple

    Suitable for mid-size surgeries such as wrist, arm, elbox, clavicle, shoulder and lower limb.

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